Renovating A House

Renovating houses has always been popular, as the many TV programmes devoted to the subject verify. Whether you are renovating to sell and make a profit, for the fun of it, or to have extra space, it can be a satisfying thing to do.

Basic Renovations

The big advantage of basic renovations is that you don't need too much DIY skill to carry them out yourself. If you are renovating a home in redditch doors and windows replaced can make a big difference to the value of your home, as well as its appearance.

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Other simple renovations that won't cost you much include new kitchen cabinets, new fixtures such as taps, door handles and knobs, and new window coverings. Many homeowners carry out basic renovations to increase their home's value, especially if they are about to put it on the market. Any estate agent will tell you that to a buyer, the kitchen and bathroom are often the most important rooms when looking at houses; spending time and money improving these two areas can really pay off.

Renovating Homes For Profit

Buying homes and then renovating them and selling to make a profit appeals to many people, although it's definitely an area in which you need to know what you are doing. There are books, classes and online instructional videos widely available for anyone who likes the idea of flipping houses, as it's sometimes called. Keep in mind that the amount of work needed to renovate a house can often be substantial, requiring major renovations, such as putting in a new roof, flooring, heating or plumbing system. And if you are buying a house to renovate with a view to selling it to make a profit, you don't want the renovations to take any longer than they have to; the point is to sell the house as quickly as possible, to avoid making mortgage payments on it as much as you can. This type of property investing can be lucrative and exciting, and of course somewhat risky too. Anyone can buy a house, make improvements and then sell the property for a profit, although it typically appeals to those who enjoy being their own boss, don't mind taking a risk and have some understanding of the local property market.

Common Renovations

As previously mentioned, the bathroom and kitchen are often considered the two most important rooms in any home, and much of the money spent on home renovations is on improving these two rooms. A brighter and bigger bathroom can help your house to sell more quickly, as can more storage space and a kitchen that's easy to work in. Other renovations commonly taken on include new doors, windows and guttering, an extra bedroom in the attic, decorating a basement and making it into a useable space, and upgrading the heating system. A new coat of paint can be an affordable way to transform your home, and if selling your home, it's important to focus on the exterior and the garden too.